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Hip Hop Fashion Jewelry – Come Up With a Unique Fashion Statement

Hip Hop has evolved over the last forty years that has brought it to the stage we recognize now. Some believe hip-hop to come into existence at a Bronx house party on Aug. 11, 1973. Since then, it has been one of the most influential and the fastest growing genre of music. Hip hop also created the Big Fashion originating from African American cities was later followed by the youth in parts of the United States, and soon, all over the world. Earlier this trend and type of dressing were understood subculture but with time, as the culture had a widespread impact. It is now part of popular culture and popular clothing among the youth everywhere. 

On the East Coast, people used to look at jumpsuits as a popular way to express attitude and style. This effect could clearly be seen in disco and soul music of the time, and this is how hip-hop music evolved. Some popular figures like Kanye, Drake, and Jay-Z are the new-age stars in the music industry. Their choice of style influences fashion trends. Many fashion brands have been promoted when fans saw the stars sporting the attire. 

One cannot define the true essence of fashion with mentioning the acceptance of jewelry as an urban style statement. From what was once unthinkable, it is now common for a young man to wear shiny chains and watches as an expression of their attitude. The word commonly applied to such ornaments is ‘bling.’ It was a popular Jamaican colloquial term used to describe the shimmering of diamonds. Today, its connotations have various contexts depending on whom you ask, but there is no doubt that it is a thought provoking social phenomenon. Some prefer it understated, some like it bold, but hip-hop jewelry is unique in that it can suit anybody courageous enough to try out new styles. The sheer variety of designs makes it easy to be completely unique and stand out in a crowd 

In the mid-1990s, platinum replaced gold as the metal of choice in hip-hop fashion. Chrome was the new thing, and artists and their fans were spotted in bright silver accessories. In this era of bling, many pieces of accessories like teeth covering, earrings, and neckpieces came into fashion. Many top brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton brought out new exclusive pieces for the hip-hop market. 

Hip hop fashion styles are still volatile, and the designers are always coming up with the next big thing. Yet, for all its changes, there is no denying that hip-hop jewelry is the perfect way to make a unique fashion statement.

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