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How to Pick Hip Hop Fashion Earrings That Suits Your Face

Although small in size, earrings catch the attention of people around you. If you wear the right earrings, they will complement your natural beauty and enhance your features. Nowadays, trends have shifted from authentic diamond or gold earrings to hip-hop earrings. To find the best one for you, the simple trick is not to get distracted by the brand name or the price of the accessories. It is important to match them with your outfit but it must suit your face shape and features too. Every shopper can benefit with a limited quantity of hip-hop chunks that go well with their style. To determine your face shape, pull back your hair and look into a mirror and look for the outline and features that stand out. Once you do that, here is a simple way to figure out the right hip-hop fashion earrings

  • Oval Face 

Oval faces support immense versatility and complements every type of accessory. It is easy to experiment with such a face type. To go with the traditional customs, opt for oval danglers or petite pearl earrings that best suit your outfit. These never go wrong with any kind of attire you carry. 

  • Round Face 

People with round face have circular and wider cheekbones. It is advised to choose long designs like teardrops or chandeliers. These go well with daily outfits as well as traditional attire. This simulates an elongated face to balance the look. 

  • Narrow or Rectangular Face 

Narrow ones are similar to rectangular face shape as far as choice of earrings is concerned. They usually have a strong jaw line. For people with such a face, is generally advised that earrings with good volume will complement the naturally lean features. Opting for short-length ear-pieces is recommended to grant your face a horizontal dimension. 

  • Heart Face 

Heart shaped faces generally have a wider forehead and the chin tapers down. Such people must opt for ear pieces that are elongated and have smooth curves at the bottom. To experiment with your look, try the new design trends in chandeliers that are available in diamond-like shapes.

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