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Hip Hop Cross Pendants - Expressing Faith with Symbolic Jewelry

Hip hop and its culture have some of its roots in African American choir and gospel music. It is little wonder that hip-hop still retains some of its roots and religious symbolism. This is nowhere as evident as in cross pendant accessories. The cross pendant is a necklace that symbolizes Christianity and commitment towards one's belief. Famous hip-hop stars have been seen carrying a cross pendant or a tattoo as a sign of reverence to the Christ. Even for the non-religious, the fundamental teachings of Christ are still as relevant today as they were two millennia ago. The cross is still an important symbol, and whether you believe in the religious aspect, the cross pendant still shows faith in the message. 

Hip hop is a form of art and music that is also an effective medium for delivering a message. It is not too surprising that people style’s pay tribute to Christianity by wearing a form of the cross pendant. For the people who idolize the stars as their role models, such symbols tend to develop an instinct that further promotes their popularity. In many ways, the cross pendant that is associated with hip-hop has transcended its religious affiliations and is as much an object of style as it is of reverence. Cross pendants are widely available in the various colors of hip-hop accessories, namely gold and silver, though the actual metals may not be involved. The biggest stars wear platinum and diamonds, but for the fan, such expenses may be a bit out of reach. Fashion jewelry and accessories come to the rescue here, and there is a little death of choice in the markets. 

You can choose from a wide variety of pendants available online as well as in leading fashion and hip-hop accessories outlets. One can find cross pendants in a whole range of sizes, materials, and even shapes. You can carry a big, flashy pendant with your hoodie or a smaller one for a more formal occasion. This style can never go wrong at any musical event or concert, particularly that of your favorite rapper or hip-hop artist. Small-sized pendants are generally spotted with casual outfits and these go well with darker outfits and even suits when carried in style. 

Gold cross pendants were the common choice when they first appeared on the scene. As time and culture evolved, platinum and silver replaced gold pendants. Nowadays, you can also find silver plated pendants as well. These can be easily ordered from leading hip-hop fashion stores that offer a wide variety of designs and sizes. 

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