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Selecting the Right Hip Hop Diamond Pendants & Rings

 Accessorizing is not just for women. Choosing the right hip hop diamond pendants and rings can make or break your look. For some, it can even affect their status. You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on iced out accessories like hip hop and rap stars just to get the right aesthetic. You just need to consider these three things to select the right hip hop accessories: 

  1. Style – Hip hop diamond pendants and rings is all about your style, an expression of yourself. If you want to be as loud as Kanye West wearing and his 3 kilo Horus chain, so be it. If you simply want to make a statement like Lil Jon’s Crunk’s Not Dead, you can. You can even go as simple as having a diamond pendant with your name on it like The Game. It doesn’t matter as long as your hip hop rings and necklaces work with how you dress up or how you want to protect yourself. People can easily tell when your accessories are wearing you instead of the other way around. 
  1. Occasion – When selecting a pendant or a ring, take into account what occasion you are going to. If it’s Black Awareness Day, it might be fitting to wear a Malcolm C pendant and chain like Nipsey Hussle. Going to a 90’s party? Bring out the Boombox pendant like Swizz Beatz. Dressing for the occasion also includes your choice of hip hop diamond pendants and rings. 
  1. Purpose – Most celebrities have a purpose as to why they are wearing accessories. Some are looking to promote their tracks, think Nelly and his grillz or showing their allegiance or group, think 50 Cent and g-unit. Whether you are promoting something, want to show off, or simply want to make your status known to everyone, choose hip hop diamond pendants and rings appropriately.
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