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Enjoy Health, Wealth & Happiness with Hip Hop Ruby Pendants

Ruby is a precious stone that can take on the color of deep crimson to pale rose or even purple. Hip hop ruby pendants are highly popular mainly for what they symbolize. Celebrities like Rick Ross, Young Scooter, Rich Hommie Quan, and Justin Bieber are just some of the celebrities who sport hip hop ruby pendants.


Wearing hip hop ruby pendants is a sign of wealth. Mansions and cars are practical purchases because they serve functions in everyday life. But people wear hip hop ruby pendants just for the heck of it—for style and for status. 

Rubies are blood stones and are believed to have healing qualities. A ruby is said to help blood flow and circulation and also aid in the treatment of heart disease and disorders. Aside from physical health, rubies can also help with emotional and chakra healing and improve your balancing energy. According to beliefs, the spiritual energy of a ruby is all about following one’s own bliss. Hip hop ruby pendants can bring in happiness and good health to the wearer. Although there aren’t any scientific evidences on the powers of a ruby, there’s no harm in wearing such a fly piece of gem. 

The usual color of a ruby is red and it signifies excitement, fearlessness, and self-confidence. It is also known to symbolize life as it is the color of blood, passion, and energy. Red is known to be a masculine color and embodies durable energy and strength. 

Those who can benefit most from hip hop ruby pendants are those who have it for its birthstone. People born in July have ruby as their birthstone same as those with the zodiac sign of cancer. If the day of your birth falls on a Tuesday, ruby should also be lucky for you.

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