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All You Need to Know about Men’s Hip Hop Angel Pendants

It’s very common for hip hop artists, rappers, and celebrities to show their faith through jewelry. One of the most popular designs is the cross—and you can find this type of pendant necklace around the necks of Eminem and Lil Wayne. Another popular religious symbol that is commonly found as pendants is the Angel. 

Chris Brown made a commotion by wearing a hip hop Angel pendant that was said to belong to his ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna, long after they have broken up. Justin Bieber, who is pretty vocal about his religion, is also often seen sporting hip hop Angel pendants. Rapper Trey Songz who, has his own social network named The Angel Network, commits to his brand by wearing hip hop Angel pendant necklaces, too. 

If you are looking to get your very own hip hop Angel pendants, you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs. You can start off by choosing what the cherub looks like. One of the most popular positions is that of an Angel with his hands pressed together. The wings of the Angel can be pointing down or up, as if he were flying. Other pendants show Angel in a standing or sitting position. Once you have figured out what your Angel should look like, it’s time to decide on its make and additional designs. Do you want an Angel covered in crystals and diamonds or simply have a rose gold, silver, or gold finish? You should also choose a chain that will go well with the hip hop Angel pendant.

 If you don’t like the selection of men’s hip hop Angel pendants, you can always create your own. Some online sellers create, design, and manufacture their very own jewelry and are open to custom orders. Simply submit your order along with an image of your hip hop Angel pendant and details.

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