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All You Need to Know About Hip Hop Cuban Link Chains

Hip hop Cuban link chains are some of the most popular accessories these days. You can see them worn by celebrities, hip hop artists, and rappers. The Cuban link chain is a type of cable chain that usually has the pattern of a twisting rope with the links taking on an oval shape. These chains are usually iced out and accompanied by equally extravagant and loud pendants. 

Hip hop Cuban link chains started to rise into prominence during the 90’s along with the surge of popularity of the genre hip hop and rap. The game of bling became even more intense by the 2000’s, thanks to prominent figures like Pharrell, Fat Joe, and The Game. Kanye West even commissioned a contemporary artist to design his accessories. 

Hip hop Cuban link chains are chunky, making them the perfect size for holding huge and large pendants. They also have an air of toughness to their design. Since hip hop Cuban link chains have large surfaces, they are ideal for blinging out with diamonds. There are different types of Hip hop Cuban link chains, one of which is the Miami Cuban. 

When choosing hip hop Cuban link chains, make sure to check the accessories you already have. It’s best to have accessories that will match or complement each other. One of the best ways to ensure your accessories will match is by opting for hip hop Cuban link chain sets. A set usually includes one necklace and one bracelet. Remember that hip hop Cuban link chains can get pretty heavy, especially if you add a pendant to it. It’s important to look fly, but your plan might backfire if you end up feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing. When buying these chains online, ask the seller about the weight.

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