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Things You Should Know About Men's Hip Hop Chains

Hip hop chains are innately stunning and it is hard to go wrong with each piece. However, there are many things that you should consider when shopping for a good set, especially with the great variety of necklace and bracelet chains floating around in the market. One of the main things you should remember to look at when buying hip hop chains is the metal type, which pretty much determines the quality and longevity of the piece's natural sheen.

Sterling silver chains are quite popular, along with gold and stainless steel, all of which offer quality and durability, lasting sheen, and a great look, overall. There are several different types of chains you will find in the market, classified according to class, quality, and style. Below are varieties of latest fashion chains based on their style:

  • Basic chains – Basic chains are the typical types of chains you will find in most any jewelry store. They go from 26 to 30 inches long, and are usually crafted in gold. They come in different designs like Figaro chains, Cuban link chains, and mariner chains.
  • Hip hop chains – Funkier than basic chains, hip hop chains are popular because they are commonly worn by celebrities. These are long, flashy chains with equally flashy pendants that can easily be customized to achieve the look you wish to pull.
  • Iced out chains - Iced out chains bring an entirely new level of extravagance and glam to your hip hop jewelry game. They are more expensive in make, being that they are decked out with all kinds of precious stones. They are also made out of alloy metals where the stones are glued in or attached to prongs and mounts to make the piece look more elegant and authentic.
  • Top end chains – Finally, top-end chains feature higher complexities in terms of designs and details, making them heavier and flashier.
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