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Hip Hop Jewelry: Represent Style, Fashion, Wealth and Success

Hip hop jewelry, bling and iced out accessories—these are only some of the terms used for flashy, extravagant, edgy, and bold accoutrements that hip hop stars wear. This class of jewelry was originally worn as status symbols, Today, they make bold fashion statements that go beyond hip hop fashion. Bling jewelry is recognized by its heavy use of diamonds, gold, and all things flashy and striking, thus the term iced out. Styles may have shifted over time but its essence and purpose remains the same—to tell the world "I've made it," show off success, be seen by the world, and express personal style.

Hip hop jewelry holds great significance as a symbol for social status, prestige, and wealth. Successful hip hop artists would adorn themselves in glitzy jewelry and designer fashion brands to show the world how far they've come and to celebrate their journey to such success. Bling has become a mean for the African American community, from which much of hip hop originate, to boldly showcase and announce their accomplishments and their arrival. From the rap stars and hip hop personalities of yesteryear, bling is still a strong trend that continues till date.

From big bold diamonds and gold chains of the early 80s and 90s, the hip hop bling trend has now evolved into large pendants, iced out chains, diamond watches, and gem stud earrings. Early chunky rope chains are now more subdued, but more stylish and brighter iced out pieces dotted by diamonds and precious stones. Nevertheless, the message and spirit behind these flashy jewels remain the same, which is of style, fashion, wealth, and success.

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