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Custom Hip Hop Jewelry Key to Gifting Ease and Unique Fashion Statement

Purchasing hip hop jewelry can be tricky business, especially now that lots of new styles and trends are popping here and there in the market. Customizing jewelry designs is a great way to make your shopping easier. Whether you are buying for a friend or your personal fashion, here are some things you should remember when customizing hip hop jewelry:

  • If you are going for chains, remember that there are several different types of hip hop chains that are widely available in the market. Basic chains are typically 26 to 30-inch long and you can easily find them in any jewelry store. They are usually in gold and come in various chain designs/weaves like mariner chains, Cuban link chains, and today's most popular style, is the Figaro chains.
  • Pendants are also important parts of bling accessories. In fact, chains often look incomplete without them. Flashy pendants are perfect for customizing, because they offer great opportunities for creativity and personal expression.
  • Iced out chains are becoming more preferred by modern hip hoppers as opposed to classic gold and silver chains. Diamonds bring a new level of extravagance and flair to usual chains.
  • Once you have the type of chain you want all sorted out, it is easier to decide which kind of design you want to ice it out or the type of pendant you wish to go with your chain setting. A gold or silver base will take most types of gemstones, ranging from white rhinestones to clear quartz, and diamonds. If you prefer a gold base, rubies and sapphires are great choices of stone inlays, while amethyst and pastel-colored gems are ideal for silver chains.

Choose your shade of diamond/gemstone wisely so you won't have to pay more for what you are getting. Brush up your knowledge of diamond grades and classes to make the most out of your purchase.

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