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Sterling Silver Chain - Elegant As Well As Durable Jewelry

A sterling silver chain can be worn by itself to make a fashion statement, or it can be used to make a pendant more striking. Chains are often overlooked in favor of other large pieces like gemstones, diamonds, and large chunks of jewelry, but they can be a subtle yet effective addition to any outfit. Sterling silver is a great material because it is as fashionable and as elegant as gold and platinum but is a lot less expensive, especially when you buy it from a reputable retailer and manufacturer.

 Sterling silver chains come in different styles and lengths. Some have additional details like small gemstones to add sparkle and shine to their look. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the chain is made of 925 sterling silver, which means that the material is made of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal like copper. Adding another metal to the composition of pure silver will help make the chain more durable and resistant to bending.

 There are two major things to consider when buying a sterling silver chain: the type of chain and the length. Each factor affects the price that you would have to pay for the piece. There are three standard sizes when it comes to chains and their dimensions often vary depending on your gender. Size is important because it determines where the necklace will sit on your neck and the effect it will create, especially if you decide to add a pendant. Men's chains often come in three size ranges: 45cm (base of the neck), 50 to 55cm (collarbone), and 60cm (below the neck or at the sternum). Women’s chain necklaces some in 40cm, 45cm, and 60 to 75cm.

 The type of chain refers to the design of the links. Some examples are cable, rope, Byzantine, bead, snake, Venetian, wheat, and rolo. Knowing the chain type will be crucial when searching for sterling silver chains online, especially when you want to narrow down your options. Some manufacturers offer designer, tennis link, and custom chains.

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