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Know the Latest Trend of Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry

Men’s hip hop jewelry was made highly popular in the late 90’s to the 2000’s, and it has become part of street fashion since. Rappers and hip hop artists wear them all the time. Here are some of the latest trends on hip hop jewelry:


  • Medusa – Thanks to Versace fashion house with the iconic medusa logo, more and more hip hop jewelry showcase the Greek mythology monster. You can find medusa pendants, bracelets, and belts.
  • Rubies – Of all the gem stones used in hip hop jewelry, ruby seems to be the most popular. It is one of the most sought-after pendants today, thanks to rapper Rick Ross who usually wears one. Ruby bracelets encrusted with crystals are all the rage these days.
  • Religious symbols – This is one of the most classic pieces of men’s hip hop jewelry. From Tupac to Kanye West, celebrities have no doubt made the cross one of the most popular hip hop pendants of all time. Close behind is the ankh cross, which is an Egyptian symbol of eternal life. Wiz Khalifa and Tyga are some of the rappers who sport ankh crosses. Other popular religious symbols popular in men’s jewelry include angels, wings, Jesus, and hands clasped together in prayer.
  • Cuban chain – Another classic piece is the Cuban chain. Back in the day, it was worn by Mexican hip hop gangs. But now, rappers like Jay-Z also sport the stylish chain.
  • Watches – Watches are the new bracelets. Men who want to keep their jewelry functional opt for iced out time pieces. You can even get the popular Apple watch with an iced out case and strap.
  • Earrings – The most popular earrings are studs, usually square baguette crystals. Diamond earrings and are sported by Nelly and 50 Cent and even athlete David Beckham.
  • Rings – When it comes to rings, the icier and chunkier, the better. Rings with shapes related to wealth (such as the dollar sign) are quite trendy.
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