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How to Buy the Right Hip Hop Pendants?

Hip hop pendants have long been worn by rappers. It usually makes an excellent style statement but most of the time, rappers also wear pendants for their branding, as a sign of loyalty to their group, or simply to honor their past. You can find thousands of hip hop pendant designs online that have themes like religion or street. It’s also popular to wear precious stones or iced out pendants. When buying hip hop pendants, here are some factors to consider:


  • Individual style – Are you as ostentatious as Kanye West? Then maybe iced out and large pendants are ideal for you. If your style is a bit lower key or simple, take a cue from Justin Bieber or Rick Ross who wears simple ruby pendants on thin chains.
  • Group – Jay-Z is known to give away roc-a-fella pendants to artists under his label. Wearing a pendant can show which hip hop group you are part of. It can also show how much of a fan you are for hip hop artists.
  • Sentimental value – It’s very common for hip hop artists to wear pendants that mean a lot to them. There’s Fat Joe who wears a pendant to give honor to his late brother. Most also wear religious symbols like crosses and angels.

When choosing the right hip hop pendant, you also have to think about when you will wear it. If you plan on wearing the pendant every day, make sure that it will match with most of your outfits. The right hip hop pendant all depends on you.

If you are one of those people who want to wear unique jewelry, you can always have a hip hop pendant custom made. You can find online sellers that can create custom hip hop pendants that you have made or even to resemble those worn by your favorite rappers.

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