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Tips to Get Eye Catching Hip Hop Pendant

Hip hop trends are taking the world by storm and more people are noticing it. Fashion enthusiasts, including those who are not exactly into hip hop music are seeing the beauty and style merit of flashy, iced out bling. Hip hop accessories are all about being big, bold, and courageous and designers love that their style bring a fresh new element and flavor to jewelry making. Bling and iced out jewelry were largely limited to the who's who of hip hop for many years, largely because of their incredibly high price tag and their over the top designs. However, thanks to more innovative means of designing and creating affordable jewelry, hip hop bling and accessories are now more accessible to people, even the masses. 

The centerpiece of hip hop necklaces are eye catching, iced out, and elaborately designed pendants. Hip hop pendants are extremely popular because they get the most attention out of all types of hip hop accessories. Set right at the wearer's torso, no one can ignore these eye catching pieces of art. Hip hop pendants and medallions come in all styles and sizes, but the best ones are made out of precious metals that resist fading. When shopping for pendants, choose ones made out of gold, silver, or platinum as these metals can withstand time without fading too easily. 

Hip hop pendants are often laced with all kinds of precious gemstones, most especially diamonds. To add an interesting look and a splash of color to the piece, jewelers also use other stones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald, among others. Pendants usually have think and heavy base metals, which are then plated with genuine gold or sterling silver. They are decked with diamonds and colored stones or shaped into different designs and forms to suit the look you are trying to go for.

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