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Hip Hop Diamond Bracelets: Shine like a Diamond

So you need something to complete your hip hop number. A diamond bracelet might just be the perfect accessory to tie your overall look together! When you have an awesome graphic tee, a sleek pair of pants, and killer sneaks on, all you need is some nice bling to bring your outfit to hip hop royalty levels.

There are many different types of diamond hip hop bracelets you will find in the market today, ranging from eye-catching fashion bracelets to iced out and designer pieces that feature the most precious gems and metals. Cuban style bracelets with intricate chain weaves are also the talk of hip hop circles, not just because of their intricate chain styles, but because of their gem inlay work. If you want something that you can wear comfortably on the streets, stainless steel hip hop bracelets are also worth the investment, especially if you want something you can pair with your everyday garb.

It pays being a well-versed buyer who knows what you are purchasing, especially when you are buying your bling online. When shopping for hip hop bracelets, it is important to know basic terms that designers and retailers use to describe their products. Educating yourself about what you are buying is the best way to get good value for your money. Here are some basic terms you will often see in bling shops:

  • Brilliant/round cut – This is the most common cut of diamonds and gemstones used in hip hop jewelry. Round cut helps give gens maximum shine or brilliancy.
  • Encrusted – Encrusted is a term used when a jewel is overlaid with an ornamental crust of gemstones or diamonds.
  • GIA scale – GIA or gemological Institute of America's clarity grading scale is the world's leading authority in diamond grading. Look for this if you want to ensure the quality of the jewel you are buying.
  • Inlay – Inlay is the decorative technique where the surface or part of the surface of a gemstone is imbedded into a hollowed out area until it becomes level with the piece's surface.
  • Setting – Setting refers to the way that jewels are held by metal into a mount.
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