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Beauty and Popularity of Hip Hop Cross Pendants

Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Eminem are just some of the many rappers who wear hip hop cross pendants. The hip hop cross pendant is highly popular due to its connection to religious beliefs. You can find hip hop cross pendants in silver, gold, and white gold. Some are even iced out or encrusted with crystals.

Aside from the regular cross, another popular pendant is the hip hop ankh cross. The ankh is the symbol for eternal life in Egypt. You can find these pendants sported by artists Wiz Khalifa, Rocko, and Chris Brown. Hip hop ankh crosses also come with a pyramid backdrop.

Other variations of hip hop pendants include multiple crosses or crosses with wings. Make sure to pair your hip hop cross pendants with the right chains. You can choose from simple ones or iced out Cubans.

Wearing hip hop cross pendants is a sign of thankfulness to Jesus or God. Most rappers thank God for their careers and the blessings that have been showered upon them. To honor God, they wear hip hop cross pendants around their necks.

Aside from hip hop cross pendants, rappers and celebrities also like wearing other religious pendants—for example, hands clasped together as a sign of prayer, angels, Buddhas, and more. You can choose from sterling silver, stainless steel, diamond, or fashion hip hop cross pendants.

If you can’t find the right hip hop cross pendant ideal for you, don’t worry. Some of the best jewelers offer custom jewelry. You just need to create a design of your own or find a specific design that of your choice and send the important details along with it. Don’t forget to include the dimensions of the hip hop cross pendant along with the materials that you want to be used.

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